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6-inch Triple Layer Vanilla Cake with Lemon Buttercream

6 in triple layer of deliciousness! Vanilla sponge with creamy lemon buttercream frosting. Perfect for a small group! Serves 6-8


8" Cookies and Cream Cake

Triple 8" layers of fluffy cookies and cream cake with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies topped with cream cheese cookie frosting! Serves 14.


9" Flourless Chocolate Cake

Rich, fudgy, dense flourless chocolate cake. Serve with whip cream or vanilla ice cream. Serves 10-12


9" Triple Layer Vanilla Cake with Whipped Frosting

Three layers of made from scratch vanilla cake which is moist yet light. Delicious vanilla whipped icing layered in between. Yum! Serves 16 homestyle slices or 28 party slices.


Bear Birthday Cake

"Smash" cake in the flavor/color of your choosing.



Rich, Chocolatey and chewy! The best ever!! Picture to follow soon. 9 large squares per order



6 Italian style cannolis. All made from scratch!


Cappuccino Torte

A crowd pleaser even for non-coffee lovers! Almond walnut graham cracker crust layered with fudge, cappuccino buttercream, frosted with whipped cream rosettes, chocolate covered espresso beans and chocolate shavings. A huge hit with everyone who's tried it!! Very rich and decadent! So, small slices Serves 15-20.


Caramel Cappuccino Cake

8" triple layer espresso cake paired with caramel buttercream frosting topped with whole coffee beans and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. A coffee lover's dream dessert! Picture to come soon!


Carmelized Pecan Pumpkin Tart-10"

Creamy chilled pumpkin filling topped with crunch, carmelized pecans in a pecan sour cream crust. Nice for the fall.


Carrot Cake w/Cream Cheese Frosting

Triple 9" layers of yummy goodness! Traditional carrot cake made with fresh carrots, and cream cheese frosting.


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Classic all-American cookies. These are large, soft and chewy! Decadence in every bite! 16 per order.


Chocolate "Pound" Cake

45-degree angled layer of chocolate mousse followed by 45 degree angled peanut butter mousse enrobed in a chocolate glaze. Another customer favorite especially in the fall! Serves 12 Decadence!.


Chocolate Bag-signature dessert

Handmade chocolate bag filled with white chocolate mousse sitting in a pool of raspberry sauce. It's topped with fresh fruit, mint leaves and a rolled cream wafer. Sold in sets of 6. Beyond delicious and shareable. And, launched my dessert business!


Chocolate Banana Torte

Layers of chocolate cake filled with white chocolate mousse, fresh banana slices and frosted with a rich chocolate glaze. Decorated with white chocolate shavings .Serves 12-16.


Chocolate Buche de Noel

Chocolate cake with buttercream and frosted with chocolate buttercream and meringue mushrooms. Serves 12-16


Chocolate Cake with Chocolate French Buttercream

From scratch yummy 6 layers of chocolatey goodness! 3 layers of chocolate cake with Chocolate French buttercream. Rich, silky and smooth. A chocolate lover's dream! Serves12-15


Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

9" triple layers of rich, moist chocolate cake with light as air peanut butter frosting. A classic combination!


Chocolate Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

9" triple layers of rich, moist chocolatey goodness! Filled with a vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.


Chocolate Cake with Vanilla French Buttercream frosting

9 " rich and moist triple-layer chocolate cake with European style buttercream decorated as you wish. One taste and your almost in heaven! A customer favorite.


Chocolate Coffee Swans

Meringue swans filled with mocha mousse and real whipped cream. Time consuming to make but worth it! Sold in sets of 6.


Chocolate Decadence

A moist cake A cross between a brownie and fudge with a hint of mocha. Available with a powdered sugar design of your choosing. Price includes tax. Serves 10-12


Chocolate Ganache Tart-12"

Choice of dark or semisweet ganache rich, truffle-like filling in a pecan crust. Served with freshly made caramel sauce. Serves 12-16.


Chocolate Hazelnut Tart-10"

Linzer crust with chocolate hazelnut filling decorated with rosettes of whipped cream and toasted hazelnuts


Chocolate Mousse Pie

Deep dish chocolate m
ousse filling in a graham cracker crust topped with mile high whipped cream. Decorated with chocolate shavings. Serves 10-12


Chocolate Mousse Terrine

Rectangular loaf of dark chocolate mousse encased in a rich chocolate glaze. Available plain, strawberries or raspberries on top. Mmmm! Serves 12-16


Chocolate Pyramid Cake

Serve 40. Chocolate cake filled with 5 POUNDS of rich chocolate ganache, fresh raspberries and edible 23k gold. Mimimum of 30 days notice due to the amount of work involved.


Chocolate Raspberry Gift Box Cake

Multiple layers of chocolate hazelnut cake with chocolate framboise ganache topped with a rich, chocolate glaze and decorated like a gift box with a fondant bow and ribbon. Serves 12-16.


Chocolate Swirt Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Reminiscence of a a popular candy bar! Chocolate graham cracker crust with peanut butter cheesecake filling with swirls of chocolate. It's finished with whipped cream and chocolate peanut butter cups. Decadent! Serves 12-18


Coconut Macadamia Cream Tart-10"

A taste of the islands! Creamy macadamia filling with toasted coconut.


Cookie & Cream cake

6" triple layer cookie and cream cake. Reminiscent of a favorite cookie with crushed cookie skirt and chocolate ganache! Serves 8


Cookie Bouquet

9 count vanilla sugar 3" cookies that can be customized to the color & shape of your choice.



Chocolate or vanilla cupcake with real buttercream frosting available in chocolate French buttercream, vanilla French buttercream, Swiss meringue buttercream or peanut butter frosting (no shortening or artificial ingredients). Add .50 for fondant decorations. Other flavors will be priced accordingly. Please ask for quote. Also available filled (additional charge).


Dark chocolate cake

Dark chocolate cake with fluffy creamy peanut butter frosting. A central Pennsylvania favorite. $55.96.



within Carlisle. Outside of Carlisle with a 25-mile max radius is $2.00 per mile


Double Chocolate Mint Pate w/Creme Anglaise

Award winning dessert under the "Magnificent Category". Serves 12-15.
Layers of white and dark chocolate (almost like fudge) sitting in a pool of Creme Anglaise. Decadent!!


Flourless Chocolate Cake 1-8"

A dark dense dark chocolate cake similar in texture to fudge. Dusted in cocoa. Delicious served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Serves 8-10


Flourless Chocolate Cake 2-10"

10" dark or semi sweet chocolate cake similar in texture to a brownie enrobed in rich chocolate. Serves 16.


Frozen Lemon Meringue Dacquoise

Serves 15-2. Layers of crispy, almond meringue filled with lemon mousse and decorated with toasted sliced almonds. A light and refreshing summer-time treat!


Giant Cupcake

A giant cupcake available in a flavor of your choice with real buttercream.. Available filled (additional charge) or unfilled. Yum!
A big hit for those who've had it. Serves 15-20 0


Gluten & Dairy free Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

Picture coming soon.


Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

Three 9-inch layers of chocolate deliciousness! Frosted in vanilla buttercream decorated in your choice of colors. Picture to come.


Gluten-free Chocolate Cupcakes

Same as the gluten-free chocolate cake but in individual portions! Frosted in chocolate French buttercream.


Grandma's Red Velvet Cake

Three 8" layers of red velvet cake with rich and creamy marshmallow cream cheese coconut pecan icing! Decadent. A little goes a long way. Coconut and pecans can be omitted, if desired.

9' is a double layer


Half Sheet Cake

11x15 half vanilla half chocolate with French vanilla buttercream frosting. Decorated in your choice of colors.


Hazelnut Macaroon Strawberry Tart-10'

Hazelnut crust with macaroon filling topped with fresh strawberry slices.


Hook Cookies

Unique almond butter sugar cookies that "hook" to the side of your cup. Available in 4 shapes: flower, star, heart and tree. Your choice of plain or frosted with royal icing in a variety of colors. You'll become addicted as they have started to have a following! Sold per dozen


Ice Cream Sandwich cake

Ice cream sandwiches on a sandwich cookie crust with your choice of 3 flavors of ice cream with whipped cream, caramel sauce and mini pretzels.


Irish Cream Cake

A 6" triple-layer Irish cream cake with Irish cream mousse and Irish buttercream and topped off with a chocolate ganache drip along with rosettes. Chocolate chips on top of the rosettes complete this scrumptious cake.


Key Lime Tart-10"

Authentic key lime filling in an almond graham cracker crust. Garnished with freshly made whipped cream and berries


Kinder Bueno Cake

Decadent and rich 5 layer chocolate sponge cake with hazelnut buttercream icing and decorated with Kinder chocolate and white chocolate drip.


Lemon Bars

Tart lemon filling on a butter base crust and dusted with powdered sugar.


Lemon Cookies

Soft and chewy lemon cookies with a dusting of powdered sugar. Picture forthcoming.


Lemon Raspberry Torte

Pound cake with lemon curd and fresh raspberries. Frosted with freshly made whipped cream, raspberries and lemon zest. Serves 6.



Feather light, French butter cookies dusted with powdered sugar. Available in almond, vanilla, lemon, orange. Sold per dozen


Meringue Cookies

Light as a cloud crisp meringue cookies. Your choice of flavors: almond, chocolate, chocolate chip, coconut, lemon, mint, mint chocolate chip, orange or vanilla. When checking out please specify in the "special message to merchant box" which shape you would like classic round or long. Also whether on not you would like sprinkles. Please specify chocolate or rainbow. Approx. 56 cookies per batch.


Meringue Snowman

A whimsical crispy meringue snowman filled with chocolate mousse and a chocolate marshmallow hat.


Milk-Free Chocolate Cake

A deliciously moist 6" triple-layer chocolatey cake with Vanilla French buttercream decorated in the color of your choice. P


Mocha Cream Cake

5 layers of coffe flavored genoise (sponge cake) with alternating layers of chocolate and coffee buttercream. Frosted with a rich chocolate glaze and chocolate covered espresso beans. Serves 12-16.


Mylar Balloon

Mylar balloon


Nutless Fruit Cake

9x5 loaf of bourbon laced fruit cake. Includes date, candied cherries, orange, lemon, citron & pineapple with a hint of cocoa and molasses.


Patriotic Cookies

Various designed and decorated sugar cookies with royal icing


Pavlova (Schaum) Torte-10"

Crispy, meringue shell filled with lemon or lime filling topped with real whipped Cream. For the berry schaum, in lieu of filling, fresh season mixed berries are used on top of the whipped cream. Also, available w/fresh berries. Serves 8


Peanut butter cookies

Melt in your mouth cookies with just the right balance of salty and sweet. It's sure to please peanut butter lovers! One dozen large cookies


Pecan Praline Cheesecake-9"

Creamy cheesecake with a vanilla wafer crust topped with caramel and pecans. Serves 16


Pretzel Basket

Chocolate covered basket


Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake-10"

Gingersnap and pecan crust with a light pumpkin flavored cheesecake filling. Decorated with sweetened cream cheese, caramel sauce and rosettes of sour cream. A new favorite amongst those that have tried it for the holiday season.


Pumpkin Flan

Creamy pumpkin custard with caramel sauce. Also, available as a single large flan for $26.95


Pumpkin Roll with Toffee Rum Cream and Caramel Sauce

Pumpkin sponge cake filled with dark rum and toffee whipped cream. Served with freshly made caramel sauce. Price includes tax. Price includes tax. Serves 12.


Queen of Sheba Torte

Chocolate Torte with Sliced Almonds


Raspberry Marjolaine

Crispy, hazelnut meringue layers filled with dark chocolate raspberry ganache. Decorated with chopped hazeluts and fresh raspberries. Quickly becoming a favorite amongst dark chocolate lovers! Serves 12.


Red Velvet Cupcakes

Moist, red velvet cupcakes with traditional icing.


Root Beer Float Cheescake-9"

Reminiscent of a childhood favorite treat in a shortbread crust and topped off with real whipped cream and the ubiquitous cherry! A summer treat, for sure!


Rush/Last Minute Request

For next day order


Sand Tarts

Traditional Sand Tart cookies in your choice of shapes.





Soft and thick all-American classic with cinnamon sugar.


Strawberry Cream Tart with Caramel Spun Sugar

Vanilla pastry cream in a rich vanilla butter crust with fresh strawbrries and carmelized spun sugar. 9"


Strawberry Tiramisu

Layers of ladyfingers, marscapone cheese and freshly sliced strawberries dusted with cocoa. A new twist on an Italian classic. .


Strawberry Vanilla Almond Torte

Serves 10-Layers of vanilla butter cake with real buttercream, strawberry filling topped with toasted sliced almonds and freshly sliced strawberries. A big hit with the folks that have tried it. Great for summer-time entertaining.


Sugar--free Flourless Chocolate Cake

8" dense flourless chocolate cake made with Splenda and dusted with cocoa and a cherry on top!


Sweet Ravioli with Cherry Custard Sauce

Serves 6-Puff pastry filled with white chocolate, dates and nuts. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with a kirsch (cherry liquer) custard sauce. The taste will surprise you!


Thai Creme Caramel (Flan)

Made with coconut milk, eggs & maple syrup

Serves 6-8





The Italian classic. Layers of Kahlua soaked ladyfingers, marscapone cheese filling and dusted with cocoa. Available alcohol-free.


Triple Layer Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Three six inch layer of yumminess! Chocolate red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.


Triple Layer Vanilla Cake

9 inches of triple layer of vanilla goodness layered with chocolate French buttercream.


Tuxedo Cake

3 -8" layered cake in your choice of flavor filled with your choice of buttercream. Iced in chocolate glaze and whipped cream and finished with chocolate dipped strawberries


Ultimate Birthday Cake

Decadent, rich and moist 9" triple layer chocolate cake with whipped ganache and handmade chocolate decorations. Amazing!


Valentine Heart Cake with Candy Box Lid

White chocolate and raspberry flavored cake iced in chocolate raspberry frosting with fresh berries and a candy box lid. Served with berry compote.


Vineyard Cookies

Wine themed sugar cookies available in a variety of flavors and colors. 5 designs available. Grapes, wine glass, wine bottle, wedge and round cheese.


White Chocolate & Lime Ribbon Cheesecake-10"

Layers of white chocolate cheesecake filling, lime curd then another layer of white chocolate cheesecake filling in an almond graham cracker crust. Topped off with rosettes of white chocolate whipped cream and lime curd. Garnished with white chocolate shavings.


White Chocolate & Peach Mousse

White chocolate and peach mousse in a pecan lace cookie basket with peach puree. Garnished with sliced peaches, fresh berry & mint. Puree comes in container that you keep.


Woodland Fairy Cookies

Sugar cookies decorated accordingly, per dozen


Yellow cake with Strawberry Filling

Yellow cake with fresh strawberry filling iced in French buttercream.


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  • 6-inch Triple Layer Vanilla Cake with Lemon Buttercream

    6 in triple layer of deliciousness! Vanilla sponge with creamy lemon buttercream frosting. Perfect for a small group! Serves 6-8

  • 8" Cookies and Cream Cake

    Triple 8" layers of fluffy cookies and cream cake with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies topped with cream cheese cookie frosting! Serves 14.

  • 9" Flourless Chocolate Cake

    Rich, fudgy, dense flourless chocolate cake. Serve with whip cream or vanilla ice cream. Serves 10-12

  • 9" Triple Layer Vanilla Cake with Whipped Frosting

    Three layers of made from scratch vanilla cake which is moist yet light. Delicious vanilla whipped icing layered in between. Yum! Serves 16 homestyle slices or 28 party slices.

  • Bear Birthday Cake

    "Smash" cake in the flavor/color of your choosing.